Thursday, October 25, 2007

Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight. Week 4

"Would you like to pray?" It is a few moments before I relize that he is talking to me. "What?" "You can ask God for anything you want." I speak quickly, before my chance to communicate directly with God is taken away. "A baby brother or sister," I say "I want a new baby in the family. Please."
This qouate reflects the book because it is a very family orentatited book. Everything that is done is with all members of there family. Personaly i think family is a very important thing in a persons life. Ten months later the fullers had a baby girl, it showed that prayers are awnsered.

Alexandreas dad made her learn how to put a gun back togeather. it shows that back then they needed to learn how to shoot a gun, at any age. Vanessa went to a boarding school as the next child was born, Olivia. Bobo was so excited that she had another sister. she prayed that her mother would have another one after her miscarrige.

Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight. Week 3

The happiest day of her Mums life was when she first held her first child. Unfortenty her first born dies before he turns 2. In 1968 many babies did not make it. there was not enough medicens and such for the new born babies. the family moves alot. now they have relocated to Karoi, a city in Rhodesia meaning "Little Witch".

Alexandrea Fuller:
Won the Winifred Holtby Memorial Prize in 2002 for the book Don't Let's Go to the Dog's Tonight. She Got a B.A. From Acadia University. And is now married and lives in Wyoming with 3 kids.


Before this book I had not heard of the Rhodesian Bush War. It is intersting to hear about it from a girl who grew up in this life style. the war in Iraq doesn't affect my daily life. Yes i think its bad. and I feel bad for all of the familys involved. but I dont worry about people shooting me if i leave my house. like Alexandrea felt growing up. I think people really dont know the fear people go through when their country is in a war.

Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight. Week 2

Even though Bobo is very young her father asks her if she would like a cigarette. She accepted it. I don't think that anyone should smoke because it is bad for your health. But back in 1987 they didn't know that smoking can cause so meny problems. They decied to take a trip to Zimbawe. Mum was passed out so they put her in the back. Also they get stopped at the boarder by customs. To get throught the boarder they need to give the customs officer a pack of cigarettes. I do not believe that it is right to have to pay to get into a country.

Five Loaded Words
Bloody: Pg. 18. I believe that it is a loaded word because it can mean meny differnt things. it can eaither mean bloody like blood form your body. or bloody a bad thing just happend. It would be used in thoes times by the english.
Pointing:Pg.19. Pointing means that someone is pointing someone/thing out. its used for pointing at a person.
Organized:Pg.20. People always want to be organized, they would like to be just like everyone else.
Died:Pg. 21. This word has meny meanings for ment people. some are excited to die some are aftaid.

Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight. week 1

In the book Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight. It is about at family that lives in Rhodesia in the 1975. Alexandra Fuller is called Bobo by her friends and family. Her and her sister Vanessa are best friends. The book starts out by their Mum and Dad telling them that they should not come into their bedroom at night because they may shoot them. if they get startled. She also talks about there schooling. In Rhodesia they have differnt letters of schools. "A'' is superior schools, only for the best. "C'' Schools, a mix of black and white children. "B'' is for colored children. Bobo and Van go to the ''A" schools. I do not believe that any children should be denied the best schooling. this book so far is very interesting. But it is kind of hard to read because the terms they use are not used by people now.

Monday, October 8, 2007

DB&B review

I think that the memoir was kind of an unbelievable book. To think it was written by a man who couldn't speak, amazed me. Now I totally think differently of people in that condition. I really couldn't believe that he was able to write the whole book by blinking.The words seemed so deep for a man who couldn't move his mouth or hands. It seemed like he could never give up. No matter how much pain he was in. Even though he couldn't feel it.His imagination seemed very open to. The chapters he thought about different people. And the memories that he remembered before he had his stroke. He seems very sad, especially when his kids came. I think that if I was his kids I would be with him everyday I could. They need to understand that he is still there day. He just is in a different look.
I think also that more people should read this book. They would have another perspective on the disabled. There bodies may not function the same but there minds do. Anyone could really have a changed experience after reading this book.
This book at parts was very confusing. You had to really read between the lines and think about what you just read, or you could miss a major part in the book.
Overally I thought this book was very good. And I am very glad I read it because it has changed my persective on disabled people.