Sunday, January 13, 2008

Post Two *A*

"If I lost a movie role to Sky, I don't think my mom would be baking me brownies. I don't think she even knows how to turn on the oven.(pg31) Imagery, when i read this line i thought of my own mother making me brownies, (yummy) but being in kates situation of having a pastic mother who doesnt know how to even turn the oven on.

"Liz accessorized it with a purple-and-yellow Pucci scarf that only she could pull off."(pg58) Imagery, this discribes what Liz wore, there is alot of discriptive qoutes in this book. You could easily see it in your head, when she discribed it.

"Even though i never could squeeze my hoofs into her size five boot." Metaphor. she is using hoofs as a metaphor insted of feet, because she thinks her feet are too big.

"Honey, let's get one thing straight. You're not real. You're Hollywood. You're supposed to look better than those people." (pg20) The signifiance of this quote is that Kate is not treated like other teens. She should be better. I think that is what alot of stars think of when they do things. She should be treated like other kids. and she would like to be a 'normal' kid.