Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hornet League Debate 1

Abortion- This debate occures everywere.
The purpose is that some people believe in it and some dont.
If it would all just end we could stop fighting about it.
Everyone should be able to make there own decisions.
Cropping/Docking--Backround info
This debate occures all around the US.
The purpose is that some people think that it hurts the puppy when you Dock/Crop/take off Dew claws. when actually it is done when the puppies are 3 days old and cannot feel it. Tho some people think it is still mean.
The decision would change if this law were to be made, would not if it got dropped.

Post One *B*

In the begining of this book Kate (main character) is complaining about how Sky (co-star) is hurting her and spreading rumors about her. Sky gives Kate a very hard time with everything she does. Chapter one Kate is woken up to go to a photo shoot at a mall. Kates parents both quit their jobs to be Kates Managers, "vicariously living through her daughter's good fortune." Her brother also wanted to be a star but has only been a walk-on on her sisters hit show. Kate has her own body guard, his name is Rodney, she discribes him as "At six feet four inches and weighing in at almost 300 pounds, Rodney looks like he could lay the smack down on any wrestler in the WWE, bit the truth is, he's a big teddy bear." He would do anything for Kate. Also in the first chapter they introduce Liz Mendes, she is Kates only non-celeb friend. right after we meet her Kate goes to her photo shoot and then has lunch with her at the local pizza shop. it is there favorite in California. After they eat lunch Liz was talking about her school and how its so much work, and then Kate had and idea, that she wanted to go to public school too. at first Liz thought she was kidding, but then Kate convinced her that it would be a good idea. Kate was very lonely and wanted a break from the set. They had to figure out a plan to discuise her at school.

Post One *A*

Vocab Words.
Volatile-(Pg.2) Tending or threatening to break out into open violence.
Slyly-(Pg.27) Stealthy, insidious, or secret.

Figurative Language.
"Just like in real life,our characters are Polar Opposites." I believe this is is figurative language. It uses a medaphor because polar can mean opposite.
"Of course it's not true! You made it up!" I believe this is using Imagery because you can see them pointing fingers at eachother.
"I like looking my age. I hate how Sky's always trying to be twenty-five instead of sixteen. She looks ridiculous." I believe this is using personification because it is talking about the physical looks of the girls, and what they think of themselves.

Significant quote
"Who am I kidding? When your face is on TV every Sunday night at 9 PM, how do you disappear without people noticing?"(Pg.5) When you get into the whole "Hollywood lets be famous" thing you can't just take a break. She expresses that the highs and lows in this book of being famous.

Emerging Theme
I believe the emerging theme of this book is that it is about a girl who loves the star life, but whats to be normal also.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Outside Reading

Secrets of my Hollywood Life- Jen Calonita
253 pages
I believe that this book is sufficientaly challenging for me because flipping through the book i found vocab that i have not seen before.
I chose this book because i have heard of this Author, Jen Calonita. I have heard that all of her books are very good. and I really liked the overview of the book also.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I believe the message in my memoir was, "the grass is always greener on the other side". This family has had a tough time in the memoir. with there being meny miscarages, siblings dying, and war. Bobo always tried to look up to the happy things, putting humor into the book. She new there was going to be a happy ending, and she waited for it. I really felt bad that she had to go throught that.
The Author wrote this book because she wanted to tell an amazing story of her childhood. in America today we take stuff for granted, we dont know what its like living every day worring that our front yards are going to blow up, like she did.
Mum says, "Don't come creeping into our room at night."
They sleep with loaded guns beside them on the bedside rugs.
She says, "Don't startle us when we're sleeping."
"Why not?"
"We might shoot you."
"By mistake."
This was the beggining of the book, it really set the secne that this was going to be a serious book. This qoute also made the tone of the book very sadding. Through out the book the tone came back because the book had meny sad parts in it. but also meny funny parts too.

Outside Reading: Final

In the final part of this book, Van And Bobo went to there relatives house because their parents wanted to go into the city and they didnt want to bring there kids so, they left them. Van was playing in the pond and accedently drowned. they found her laying in the water, everyone rushed to her, but it was to late. Bobo felt absloutly terriable. she flet like it was her fult and her parents would be very mad at her. she really wanted her sister back. when her parents got back her parents were very sad. the book ended very nicely tho with everything working out at the end.