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Emerling, Gary. "Public Divided on Vick sentence; Some scorn, others applaud punishment." Washington Times pg. B.1Dec 11,2007 December 14, 2007
This artical that I found on ProQuest was about The Micheal Vick case. Micheal Vick was charged with the killing of 6-8 dogs. He owned a dog fighing kennel. Vick also owned 54 Pit Bulls that he had to pay almost $1 Million to take care of them. People in this artical had different views on weather the amount of time that Vick is going to serve it enough or if it is to much. Also the Star quarterback was charged with 23 months in prison, and he was suspended from the NFL, and lost all of his endorsement deals. Vick had little sympathy from his fans as he was covicted.

J., Clark. Minnesota House of Representatives. 4 2 2001. Minnesota House of Representatives. 13 Dec 2007

This aritcal was a bill summary from the Minnesota House of Representatives. I found alot of very useful information from this source about animal abuse laws in Minnesota. This act defined the acts of cruelty to animals penalties. it defined Bodily harm, Substantial harm, great bodily harm. it defines Cruelty to animals as Eliminates references to "torture" and "pain and suffering" and defines cruelty as acts or neglect that cause unnecessary or unjustifiable harm or death. The Bill was last touched on April 24, 2000. Jim Rostberg and others wrote this bill. I believe that all owners of animals should read this bill about animal cruelty.

"Oppose Overreaching NJ Proposal!." 6/7/2007 December 14, 2007
This artical is from the American Kennel Club, it is about the AKC opposing New Jerseys Bill 2649 from being revised. they are making unnecessary, confusing, and a haphazard system for New Jersey pet owners. In the new bill they would no longer let living birds or other animals in events because it would be animal abuse, so they could no longer use rats, birds or other small creatures be the "bait" for dogs in Earthdog, coonhound, or sporting dog hunt tests and field trials. The small animals never get hurt in these events and usally sleep through them.


Rostberg, "House Research Bill Summary." Minnesota House of Representatives. 4 24 2000. Minnesota House of Representatives. 13 Dec 2007 .

This artical was a bill, made by the Minnesota House of Representatives. This artical talks about the revistion of mistreatment of animals. it provides the specific penalties for the crimes committed for animal cruelty. Engaging in toture or cruelty that results in substantantial bodily harm = gross misdemeanor. second violation within 5 years will be a 2 year felony. Torture or cruelty resulting in death or great bodily harm = 2 year felony. torture or cruelty to a pet to threaten, intimidate otr terrorize another person resulting in substantial bodily harm = 2 year felony. harming a service animal to death or great bodily harm 4 year felony. death or great bodily harm to a pet, 4 year felony.

Sloan , Karen. "Ban Mexican Rodeo Events Debated Is it animal cruelty or a cultural connection?." Omaha World pg. B.112 13 2007 December 14, 2007

Nebraska is trying to ban Mexican cowboys from holding Mexican Rodeos in their state. Im Mexican Rodeos they include Steer tailing, horse tripping and calf roping. none of which I believe in. they a can cause rope burns, abrasions, dislocations, torn tendons and ligaments and broken legs. Veterinarian's disagreeded weather the animals were getting hurt during these events. the rate of injury is far less that one percent. but this sport is also already illegal in seven states. The cowboys in this artical were cited for animal cruelty in July for having five malnourished horses, with extensive scaring on there legs.The men were pleated guilty, each were fined $900 and the horses were confiscated. haha.

Research paper

Cruelty to Animals. Eliminates references to "torture" and "pain" and "suffering" and defines cruelty as acts or neglect that cause unnecessary harm or death. (Minnesota house of Representatives) The punishment for animal cruelty is not enough in Minnesota. The Minnesota House of Representatives should consider revising the law. Cruelty to animals should never happen. The punishment for animal cruelty should be harder in Minnesota.

The current laws in Minnesota are not harsh enough for animal cruelty. The range of penalties range from a gross misdemeanor to a four year felony. Bodily harm is defined by the Minnesota House of Representatives as physical pain or injury, illness or impairment of physical condition. Substantial bodily harm means injury involving a temporary but substantial disfigurement, causing a temporary but substantial loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ, or causing a fracture of any bodily member
Great bodily harm means injury which creates a high probability of death, causes serious permanent disfigurement, causes a permanent or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ, or other serious bodily harm. Steer tailing and horse tripping are also mentioned. "Steer tailing is a traditional Mexican rodeo event in which a cowboy on horse back grabs a running steers tail, wraps it around his leg or stirrup, and pulls the steer to the ground." (Sloan).

"I haven't seen them cripple a cow or anything like that," said Smith, a veterinarian whose animal hospital is next door. "I've never seen that or even where it made the tail sore." (Smith)
Mexican rodeos are currently in debate in Nebraska making steer tailing and horse tripping illegal, they would be banning a Mexican tradition. This is already illegal in seven states. Vet, Steve White once said, "Tradition should never take place precedence over the welfare of animals." Even though the injuries attributed by these sports are unclear. Minnesota should not stop traditions in different cultures.

"Most people get a slap on the wrist, but we're hoping he gets the full five years, to set precedent with this case." (Gleason) Michael Morin stole a dog, slit his throat, and left the dog to die in his truck. Morin got the maximum sentence in Maine of five years and a $100,000 fine. Once again Minnesota's highest penalty is only a four year felony. Michael Vick killed six to eight dogs on his dog fighting property. "He needs more." Mrs.Blom said. "It's cruelty to animals. I don't care what kind of animal it is." Vick was charged with 23 months in Jail, he also agreed to pay almost $1 Million to pay for his 54 pit bulls. Some think that Vick's sentence is fair, some think it is too much. (Emeriling). Vick was also suspended without pay from the NFL, and lost all of his endorsements. In most other states animal cruelty is a five year sentence and includes a fine.

If Minnesota would change their penalty for animal cruelty they would be more like other states who have. The American Kennel Club is also against animal cruelty. "In fact, anyone convicted of animal cruelty involving a dog will have all AKC privileges Suspended." (AKC) This is stopping people involved in the American Kennel Club from committing these awful crimes.

The punishment should be harder in Minnesota for animal cruelty. The punishment for animal cruelty is not as harsh in Minnesota as in other states. Making more laws could make traditions illegal. If Minnesota were to make harsher laws they could stop animal cruelty. "I hate dog fighting, it's such a gruesome thing to do to an animal." Stark.

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Emerling, Gary. "Public Divided on Vick sentence; Some scorn, others applaud punishment." Washington Times pg. B.1Dec 11,2007 December 14, 2007

"Oppose Overreaching NJ Proposal!." 6/7/2007 December 14, 2007

Sloan , Karen. "Ban Mexican Rodeo Events Debated Is it animal cruelty or a cultural connection?." Omaha World pg. B.112 13 2007 December 14, 2007

J., Clark. Minnesota House of Representatives. 4 2 2001. Minnesota House of Representatives. 13 Dec 2007

Rostberg, "House Research Bill Summary." Minnesota House of Representatives. 4 24 2000. Minnesota House of Representatives. 13 Dec 2007 .

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Hornet League Debate 1

Abortion- This debate occures everywere.
The purpose is that some people believe in it and some dont.
If it would all just end we could stop fighting about it.
Everyone should be able to make there own decisions.
Cropping/Docking--Backround info
This debate occures all around the US.
The purpose is that some people think that it hurts the puppy when you Dock/Crop/take off Dew claws. when actually it is done when the puppies are 3 days old and cannot feel it. Tho some people think it is still mean.
The decision would change if this law were to be made, would not if it got dropped.

Post One *B*

In the begining of this book Kate (main character) is complaining about how Sky (co-star) is hurting her and spreading rumors about her. Sky gives Kate a very hard time with everything she does. Chapter one Kate is woken up to go to a photo shoot at a mall. Kates parents both quit their jobs to be Kates Managers, "vicariously living through her daughter's good fortune." Her brother also wanted to be a star but has only been a walk-on on her sisters hit show. Kate has her own body guard, his name is Rodney, she discribes him as "At six feet four inches and weighing in at almost 300 pounds, Rodney looks like he could lay the smack down on any wrestler in the WWE, bit the truth is, he's a big teddy bear." He would do anything for Kate. Also in the first chapter they introduce Liz Mendes, she is Kates only non-celeb friend. right after we meet her Kate goes to her photo shoot and then has lunch with her at the local pizza shop. it is there favorite in California. After they eat lunch Liz was talking about her school and how its so much work, and then Kate had and idea, that she wanted to go to public school too. at first Liz thought she was kidding, but then Kate convinced her that it would be a good idea. Kate was very lonely and wanted a break from the set. They had to figure out a plan to discuise her at school.

Post One *A*

Vocab Words.
Volatile-(Pg.2) Tending or threatening to break out into open violence.
Slyly-(Pg.27) Stealthy, insidious, or secret.

Figurative Language.
"Just like in real life,our characters are Polar Opposites." I believe this is is figurative language. It uses a medaphor because polar can mean opposite.
"Of course it's not true! You made it up!" I believe this is using Imagery because you can see them pointing fingers at eachother.
"I like looking my age. I hate how Sky's always trying to be twenty-five instead of sixteen. She looks ridiculous." I believe this is using personification because it is talking about the physical looks of the girls, and what they think of themselves.

Significant quote
"Who am I kidding? When your face is on TV every Sunday night at 9 PM, how do you disappear without people noticing?"(Pg.5) When you get into the whole "Hollywood lets be famous" thing you can't just take a break. She expresses that the highs and lows in this book of being famous.

Emerging Theme
I believe the emerging theme of this book is that it is about a girl who loves the star life, but whats to be normal also.

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Outside Reading

Secrets of my Hollywood Life- Jen Calonita
253 pages
I believe that this book is sufficientaly challenging for me because flipping through the book i found vocab that i have not seen before.
I chose this book because i have heard of this Author, Jen Calonita. I have heard that all of her books are very good. and I really liked the overview of the book also.

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I believe the message in my memoir was, "the grass is always greener on the other side". This family has had a tough time in the memoir. with there being meny miscarages, siblings dying, and war. Bobo always tried to look up to the happy things, putting humor into the book. She new there was going to be a happy ending, and she waited for it. I really felt bad that she had to go throught that.
The Author wrote this book because she wanted to tell an amazing story of her childhood. in America today we take stuff for granted, we dont know what its like living every day worring that our front yards are going to blow up, like she did.
Mum says, "Don't come creeping into our room at night."
They sleep with loaded guns beside them on the bedside rugs.
She says, "Don't startle us when we're sleeping."
"Why not?"
"We might shoot you."
"By mistake."
This was the beggining of the book, it really set the secne that this was going to be a serious book. This qoute also made the tone of the book very sadding. Through out the book the tone came back because the book had meny sad parts in it. but also meny funny parts too.

Outside Reading: Final

In the final part of this book, Van And Bobo went to there relatives house because their parents wanted to go into the city and they didnt want to bring there kids so, they left them. Van was playing in the pond and accedently drowned. they found her laying in the water, everyone rushed to her, but it was to late. Bobo felt absloutly terriable. she flet like it was her fult and her parents would be very mad at her. she really wanted her sister back. when her parents got back her parents were very sad. the book ended very nicely tho with everything working out at the end.

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Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight. Week 4

"Would you like to pray?" It is a few moments before I relize that he is talking to me. "What?" "You can ask God for anything you want." I speak quickly, before my chance to communicate directly with God is taken away. "A baby brother or sister," I say "I want a new baby in the family. Please."
This qouate reflects the book because it is a very family orentatited book. Everything that is done is with all members of there family. Personaly i think family is a very important thing in a persons life. Ten months later the fullers had a baby girl, it showed that prayers are awnsered.

Alexandreas dad made her learn how to put a gun back togeather. it shows that back then they needed to learn how to shoot a gun, at any age. Vanessa went to a boarding school as the next child was born, Olivia. Bobo was so excited that she had another sister. she prayed that her mother would have another one after her miscarrige.

Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight. Week 3

The happiest day of her Mums life was when she first held her first child. Unfortenty her first born dies before he turns 2. In 1968 many babies did not make it. there was not enough medicens and such for the new born babies. the family moves alot. now they have relocated to Karoi, a city in Rhodesia meaning "Little Witch".

Alexandrea Fuller:
Won the Winifred Holtby Memorial Prize in 2002 for the book Don't Let's Go to the Dog's Tonight. She Got a B.A. From Acadia University. And is now married and lives in Wyoming with 3 kids.


Before this book I had not heard of the Rhodesian Bush War. It is intersting to hear about it from a girl who grew up in this life style. the war in Iraq doesn't affect my daily life. Yes i think its bad. and I feel bad for all of the familys involved. but I dont worry about people shooting me if i leave my house. like Alexandrea felt growing up. I think people really dont know the fear people go through when their country is in a war.

Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight. Week 2

Even though Bobo is very young her father asks her if she would like a cigarette. She accepted it. I don't think that anyone should smoke because it is bad for your health. But back in 1987 they didn't know that smoking can cause so meny problems. They decied to take a trip to Zimbawe. Mum was passed out so they put her in the back. Also they get stopped at the boarder by customs. To get throught the boarder they need to give the customs officer a pack of cigarettes. I do not believe that it is right to have to pay to get into a country.

Five Loaded Words
Bloody: Pg. 18. I believe that it is a loaded word because it can mean meny differnt things. it can eaither mean bloody like blood form your body. or bloody a bad thing just happend. It would be used in thoes times by the english.
Pointing:Pg.19. Pointing means that someone is pointing someone/thing out. its used for pointing at a person.
Organized:Pg.20. People always want to be organized, they would like to be just like everyone else.
Died:Pg. 21. This word has meny meanings for ment people. some are excited to die some are aftaid.

Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight. week 1

In the book Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight. It is about at family that lives in Rhodesia in the 1975. Alexandra Fuller is called Bobo by her friends and family. Her and her sister Vanessa are best friends. The book starts out by their Mum and Dad telling them that they should not come into their bedroom at night because they may shoot them. if they get startled. She also talks about there schooling. In Rhodesia they have differnt letters of schools. "A'' is superior schools, only for the best. "C'' Schools, a mix of black and white children. "B'' is for colored children. Bobo and Van go to the ''A" schools. I do not believe that any children should be denied the best schooling. this book so far is very interesting. But it is kind of hard to read because the terms they use are not used by people now.

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DB&B review

I think that the memoir was kind of an unbelievable book. To think it was written by a man who couldn't speak, amazed me. Now I totally think differently of people in that condition. I really couldn't believe that he was able to write the whole book by blinking.The words seemed so deep for a man who couldn't move his mouth or hands. It seemed like he could never give up. No matter how much pain he was in. Even though he couldn't feel it.His imagination seemed very open to. The chapters he thought about different people. And the memories that he remembered before he had his stroke. He seems very sad, especially when his kids came. I think that if I was his kids I would be with him everyday I could. They need to understand that he is still there day. He just is in a different look.
I think also that more people should read this book. They would have another perspective on the disabled. There bodies may not function the same but there minds do. Anyone could really have a changed experience after reading this book.
This book at parts was very confusing. You had to really read between the lines and think about what you just read, or you could miss a major part in the book.
Overally I thought this book was very good. And I am very glad I read it because it has changed my persective on disabled people.

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This I believe


Author David Buetow

Title Teaching a Bad Dog New Tricks

Belief I think that belief means that you have a goal and you will not let go of it. you will never give up on what you believe in.

2 Examples
"I strive to gain his level of happiness in the simplest of things"
"I was what some people would call "a dog" — a bad dog."

Favorite Passage
"I never had a dog before; I got Duncan at the urging of a friend who had probably grown as tired of my bachelor behavior as I had. My long work nights and weekends always ended with a lonely run, a bourbon or two, or a phone call to someone I didn't really listen to. All I talked about was me and what was wrong with my life. My friends stopped asking me out because I was always either at work or talking about work."

I think this pritty much sums up his life before he got Duncan, I think that people should look at there lives at this perspective, and see if they are in this same boat. because there are meny people these days that get to wrapped up in there work, and dont think about other people.

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One goal for myself in my sophomore year is

One goal for myself this year is to get better grades than last year.

The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is

One thing I am anxious about at EHS is being able to handle homework and sports & afterschool activies.