Thursday, November 29, 2007

Post One *B*

In the begining of this book Kate (main character) is complaining about how Sky (co-star) is hurting her and spreading rumors about her. Sky gives Kate a very hard time with everything she does. Chapter one Kate is woken up to go to a photo shoot at a mall. Kates parents both quit their jobs to be Kates Managers, "vicariously living through her daughter's good fortune." Her brother also wanted to be a star but has only been a walk-on on her sisters hit show. Kate has her own body guard, his name is Rodney, she discribes him as "At six feet four inches and weighing in at almost 300 pounds, Rodney looks like he could lay the smack down on any wrestler in the WWE, bit the truth is, he's a big teddy bear." He would do anything for Kate. Also in the first chapter they introduce Liz Mendes, she is Kates only non-celeb friend. right after we meet her Kate goes to her photo shoot and then has lunch with her at the local pizza shop. it is there favorite in California. After they eat lunch Liz was talking about her school and how its so much work, and then Kate had and idea, that she wanted to go to public school too. at first Liz thought she was kidding, but then Kate convinced her that it would be a good idea. Kate was very lonely and wanted a break from the set. They had to figure out a plan to discuise her at school.

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