Thursday, December 20, 2007


Emerling, Gary. "Public Divided on Vick sentence; Some scorn, others applaud punishment." Washington Times pg. B.1Dec 11,2007 December 14, 2007
This artical that I found on ProQuest was about The Micheal Vick case. Micheal Vick was charged with the killing of 6-8 dogs. He owned a dog fighing kennel. Vick also owned 54 Pit Bulls that he had to pay almost $1 Million to take care of them. People in this artical had different views on weather the amount of time that Vick is going to serve it enough or if it is to much. Also the Star quarterback was charged with 23 months in prison, and he was suspended from the NFL, and lost all of his endorsement deals. Vick had little sympathy from his fans as he was covicted.

J., Clark. Minnesota House of Representatives. 4 2 2001. Minnesota House of Representatives. 13 Dec 2007

This aritcal was a bill summary from the Minnesota House of Representatives. I found alot of very useful information from this source about animal abuse laws in Minnesota. This act defined the acts of cruelty to animals penalties. it defined Bodily harm, Substantial harm, great bodily harm. it defines Cruelty to animals as Eliminates references to "torture" and "pain and suffering" and defines cruelty as acts or neglect that cause unnecessary or unjustifiable harm or death. The Bill was last touched on April 24, 2000. Jim Rostberg and others wrote this bill. I believe that all owners of animals should read this bill about animal cruelty.

"Oppose Overreaching NJ Proposal!." 6/7/2007 December 14, 2007
This artical is from the American Kennel Club, it is about the AKC opposing New Jerseys Bill 2649 from being revised. they are making unnecessary, confusing, and a haphazard system for New Jersey pet owners. In the new bill they would no longer let living birds or other animals in events because it would be animal abuse, so they could no longer use rats, birds or other small creatures be the "bait" for dogs in Earthdog, coonhound, or sporting dog hunt tests and field trials. The small animals never get hurt in these events and usally sleep through them.

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