Thursday, December 20, 2007

Research paper

Cruelty to Animals. Eliminates references to "torture" and "pain" and "suffering" and defines cruelty as acts or neglect that cause unnecessary harm or death. (Minnesota house of Representatives) The punishment for animal cruelty is not enough in Minnesota. The Minnesota House of Representatives should consider revising the law. Cruelty to animals should never happen. The punishment for animal cruelty should be harder in Minnesota.

The current laws in Minnesota are not harsh enough for animal cruelty. The range of penalties range from a gross misdemeanor to a four year felony. Bodily harm is defined by the Minnesota House of Representatives as physical pain or injury, illness or impairment of physical condition. Substantial bodily harm means injury involving a temporary but substantial disfigurement, causing a temporary but substantial loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ, or causing a fracture of any bodily member
Great bodily harm means injury which creates a high probability of death, causes serious permanent disfigurement, causes a permanent or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ, or other serious bodily harm. Steer tailing and horse tripping are also mentioned. "Steer tailing is a traditional Mexican rodeo event in which a cowboy on horse back grabs a running steers tail, wraps it around his leg or stirrup, and pulls the steer to the ground." (Sloan).

"I haven't seen them cripple a cow or anything like that," said Smith, a veterinarian whose animal hospital is next door. "I've never seen that or even where it made the tail sore." (Smith)
Mexican rodeos are currently in debate in Nebraska making steer tailing and horse tripping illegal, they would be banning a Mexican tradition. This is already illegal in seven states. Vet, Steve White once said, "Tradition should never take place precedence over the welfare of animals." Even though the injuries attributed by these sports are unclear. Minnesota should not stop traditions in different cultures.

"Most people get a slap on the wrist, but we're hoping he gets the full five years, to set precedent with this case." (Gleason) Michael Morin stole a dog, slit his throat, and left the dog to die in his truck. Morin got the maximum sentence in Maine of five years and a $100,000 fine. Once again Minnesota's highest penalty is only a four year felony. Michael Vick killed six to eight dogs on his dog fighting property. "He needs more." Mrs.Blom said. "It's cruelty to animals. I don't care what kind of animal it is." Vick was charged with 23 months in Jail, he also agreed to pay almost $1 Million to pay for his 54 pit bulls. Some think that Vick's sentence is fair, some think it is too much. (Emeriling). Vick was also suspended without pay from the NFL, and lost all of his endorsements. In most other states animal cruelty is a five year sentence and includes a fine.

If Minnesota would change their penalty for animal cruelty they would be more like other states who have. The American Kennel Club is also against animal cruelty. "In fact, anyone convicted of animal cruelty involving a dog will have all AKC privileges Suspended." (AKC) This is stopping people involved in the American Kennel Club from committing these awful crimes.

The punishment should be harder in Minnesota for animal cruelty. The punishment for animal cruelty is not as harsh in Minnesota as in other states. Making more laws could make traditions illegal. If Minnesota were to make harsher laws they could stop animal cruelty. "I hate dog fighting, it's such a gruesome thing to do to an animal." Stark.

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