Monday, October 8, 2007

DB&B review

I think that the memoir was kind of an unbelievable book. To think it was written by a man who couldn't speak, amazed me. Now I totally think differently of people in that condition. I really couldn't believe that he was able to write the whole book by blinking.The words seemed so deep for a man who couldn't move his mouth or hands. It seemed like he could never give up. No matter how much pain he was in. Even though he couldn't feel it.His imagination seemed very open to. The chapters he thought about different people. And the memories that he remembered before he had his stroke. He seems very sad, especially when his kids came. I think that if I was his kids I would be with him everyday I could. They need to understand that he is still there day. He just is in a different look.
I think also that more people should read this book. They would have another perspective on the disabled. There bodies may not function the same but there minds do. Anyone could really have a changed experience after reading this book.
This book at parts was very confusing. You had to really read between the lines and think about what you just read, or you could miss a major part in the book.
Overally I thought this book was very good. And I am very glad I read it because it has changed my persective on disabled people.

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