Thursday, October 25, 2007

Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight. Week 4

"Would you like to pray?" It is a few moments before I relize that he is talking to me. "What?" "You can ask God for anything you want." I speak quickly, before my chance to communicate directly with God is taken away. "A baby brother or sister," I say "I want a new baby in the family. Please."
This qouate reflects the book because it is a very family orentatited book. Everything that is done is with all members of there family. Personaly i think family is a very important thing in a persons life. Ten months later the fullers had a baby girl, it showed that prayers are awnsered.

Alexandreas dad made her learn how to put a gun back togeather. it shows that back then they needed to learn how to shoot a gun, at any age. Vanessa went to a boarding school as the next child was born, Olivia. Bobo was so excited that she had another sister. she prayed that her mother would have another one after her miscarrige.

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