Thursday, October 25, 2007

Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight. Week 2

Even though Bobo is very young her father asks her if she would like a cigarette. She accepted it. I don't think that anyone should smoke because it is bad for your health. But back in 1987 they didn't know that smoking can cause so meny problems. They decied to take a trip to Zimbawe. Mum was passed out so they put her in the back. Also they get stopped at the boarder by customs. To get throught the boarder they need to give the customs officer a pack of cigarettes. I do not believe that it is right to have to pay to get into a country.

Five Loaded Words
Bloody: Pg. 18. I believe that it is a loaded word because it can mean meny differnt things. it can eaither mean bloody like blood form your body. or bloody a bad thing just happend. It would be used in thoes times by the english.
Pointing:Pg.19. Pointing means that someone is pointing someone/thing out. its used for pointing at a person.
Organized:Pg.20. People always want to be organized, they would like to be just like everyone else.
Died:Pg. 21. This word has meny meanings for ment people. some are excited to die some are aftaid.

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