Thursday, December 20, 2007


Rostberg, "House Research Bill Summary." Minnesota House of Representatives. 4 24 2000. Minnesota House of Representatives. 13 Dec 2007 .

This artical was a bill, made by the Minnesota House of Representatives. This artical talks about the revistion of mistreatment of animals. it provides the specific penalties for the crimes committed for animal cruelty. Engaging in toture or cruelty that results in substantantial bodily harm = gross misdemeanor. second violation within 5 years will be a 2 year felony. Torture or cruelty resulting in death or great bodily harm = 2 year felony. torture or cruelty to a pet to threaten, intimidate otr terrorize another person resulting in substantial bodily harm = 2 year felony. harming a service animal to death or great bodily harm 4 year felony. death or great bodily harm to a pet, 4 year felony.

Sloan , Karen. "Ban Mexican Rodeo Events Debated Is it animal cruelty or a cultural connection?." Omaha World pg. B.112 13 2007 December 14, 2007

Nebraska is trying to ban Mexican cowboys from holding Mexican Rodeos in their state. Im Mexican Rodeos they include Steer tailing, horse tripping and calf roping. none of which I believe in. they a can cause rope burns, abrasions, dislocations, torn tendons and ligaments and broken legs. Veterinarian's disagreeded weather the animals were getting hurt during these events. the rate of injury is far less that one percent. but this sport is also already illegal in seven states. The cowboys in this artical were cited for animal cruelty in July for having five malnourished horses, with extensive scaring on there legs.The men were pleated guilty, each were fined $900 and the horses were confiscated. haha.

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Gleason, Anne. "Animal-cruelty case spurs protest at court;Advocated call for a harsh sentence for Michael Morin, charged with killing a dog in June. ." Portland Press Herald pg. B.19 12 2007 December 14, 2007 .

This artical was about Mr. Michael Morin, he is from Biddeford Maine. he Slit the throat of another mans dog and left the dog to die in his truck. Morin was charged with the maximum sentence of 5 years and $100,000. the dog was a Rat terrier owned by Ron Pelletier. Pellerier found the dog dead in Morins truck partially decapitated lying in a pool of blood. In Maine they had meny protests for Bandits case. there online petition got almost 3,400 signatures. he had the support of 35 protesters at there court. Meny people took the day off to go and protest.